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Our institute is a student centered where dedicated and committed staff Members of this organization will provide you a world class learning opportunities for the studies and overall development to come out to be an international standard medical professional.The institute has building with good class rooms, laboratories, clinics, canteen and hostels; the office is well equipped with computers, printers, Xerox machine (photo copier) and internet facilities. There is lots of open space for the play activities like cricket, volley ball etc and we also provide opportunities to play indoor games.The college provides academic and personal counseling to each student on regular basis. The vital essence is to provide personal direction and developmental guidance. Counseling helps teachers to bond and develop better rapport with the students that helps them to cope with the problems of growing up, keep up with their studies and planning their careers. I wish great success to the institution in all endeavors.


The institute brings in joy of learning and caring in all aspects.

  • High Standard  of quality Education, Research & development which would be helpful for health care professionals for treating the physical and mentally challenged person.
  • The institute promotes creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness and personal integrity in a blend that fosters success for all students and staff of the institute.



  •     To create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and committed to academic rigour
  •     To ensure that every student is given the opportunity to build leadership qualities and to develop social skills that can lead to success in institute and in life.
  •     To ensure that our students feel safe, secure, and supported at all times, with a sense of belonging.
  •     To cultivate a thirst for knowledge and higher education in every student.
  •     To continuously add value to our curriculum and improve programming in order to enhance the skill sets and all-round development of     our students.
  •     To build and maintain a faculty that has highly-qualified and respected teachers.
  •     To provide students, and their families, social and emotional support throughout the formative and senior learning years.

Composition of IQAC

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Quality Assurance

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Future Plans

  •   To empower students with academic proficiency in occupational therapy.
  •    To align the goals of students, parents and teachers in order to achieve higher standards in learning and get the best results.


Staff Achievement

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